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Sign Design, Fabrication and Installation Process

Lemberg works with contractors, architects, developers and directly with you – our customer -- to create custom indoor and outdoor signage solutions.

Our talented team of award-winning designers, project managers and installers are at your service throughout the signage fabrication process working to bring your vision to life.Process Explainer Video, Lemberg Signs

Our process is collaborative, efficient, and complete. Your input is critical, so we work hard at providing consistent communication throughout your custom signage process. Here is what you can expect when creating your custom business signage.

Steps to Successful Sign Design, Fabrication and Installation

  1. Discovery: Your project begins with a discovery meeting. Your sales representative will meet with you to discuss your signage needs, reference examples of similar signs, and discuss your budget. They’ll take measurements and gather information about the overall site conditions, noting potential challenges and obstacles for installation, feasibility of design concept, electrical and equipment needs.

  2. Concept Design: Next, your sales representative and design team will work with you to create concepts that meet your needs and fit your location. Our award-winning designers will bring together design, functionality and durability. They’ll create conceptual drawings to give a visual representation of your new sign.

  3. Project Award: Once drawing expectations are met, we’ll submit a project proposal for you to review and approve. Upon approval, your sales representative will introduce you to your dedicated project manager, who will be your single point of contact throughout the rest of the project.

  4. 项目管理: In this phase of the project, communication is critical to ensure proper expectations are set, all your questions are answered, and you are comfortable with the design. Your dedicated project manager will coordinate with you and your sales representative and design team to gather all additional details for your final design drawing and adjust your design if necessary. They’ll conduct a technical survey of the installation location, procure municipal permits, and share color samples with you. Your design will also be reviewed by certified installation, operations, and engineering experts to ensure structural integrity.

  5. Final Design: Next, the final designs are created and put through a final approval process that involves a review of the design by designers, your project manager, installation/operations, fabrication, sales and you. The process continues until everyone is satisfied.

  6. Production/Fabrication: After approval, your sign goes into production. Your project manager will oversee the signage fabrication process. In preparation for the installation of your new signage, they’ll reserve installation equipment such as cranes and specialty trucks to ensure the timely completion of the project.

  7. Installation: Once your sign comes out of production, your installation team is scheduled. Our installers and electricians are certified in OSHA safety standards, high-rise rappelling, and high-density installations. They’ll work with your project manager to coordinate subcontractors, municipal clearances, inspections, and safety precautions.

  8. Maintenance and Support: Once your sign is installed, we’ll work with you to protect your investment through scheduled maintenance checks. We’ll be your liaison to Lemberg’s full suite of services, which gives you full access to our five departments including licensed electricians and 数据通信 professionals.

We want your brand signage to represent your business in the brightest, most energy efficient way for years to come. 

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