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Building Mounted Business Signs

Projecting and Awning Signs

Projecting signs are one of the oldest types of signage and can be found inside or outside, offering a wide variety of creative options. Projecting signs, sometimes referred to as blade signs, are lit and projected from the side of a building, providing brand visibility from the side vs. straight-on. These types of commercial signs are commonly used in locations where space is premium, including small spaces or corners. They may swing, turn, or be illuminated by LED lights.

Awning signs extend from the building, typically above doors and windows.

The Lemberg Signs and Lighting team is here to help you create and install a commercial projecting or awning sign that will draw attention from multiple directions.

Projecting and Awning Sign Portfolio

The MECCA Sports Bar and Grill
R&R Blade
Atypic Gallery
Lodge Kohler
Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel
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